We want you to get the best results by being ready for your session and knowing what to do before and after. Here’s our easy guide!


If you are going on vacation, preparing for a wedding or other event, make sure to book your session 1-2 days AFTER waxing appointments, manicures and pedicures. 

Day of your session 

Shower, shave and exfoliate your skin. We recommend using Infinity Sun’s Exfoliating Skin Renewal or Eco Tan's Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub. 

Do not use any lotions, creams, heavy perfumes, deodorant or makeup before your session. Eye makeup is fine.

Do not wear jewelry to your session. 

Pull hair up and away from your face and neck.

To wear during your tanning session:

Disposable garments to tan in are available for women at Bella Solé, but you may also bring a dark-colored swimsuit or dark undergarment. Men should wear shorts. Infinity Sun Bronzer washes out of most clothing easily, but it can stain wool, silk, light nylon, and other synthetic materials. 

To wear immediately after your session:

Wear dark and loose-fitting clothing, along with flip flops or sandals like Havaianas. Items that do not sit close to your skin are best after an airbrush session.

Your tan will continue to develop for 8 hours, so once you’re home, wait for at least that time before showering, swimming, adding moisturizer or doing anything that will cause you to sweat. In other words, relax.

When you do shower, we recommend that you use a sulfate-free soap like Farmer Jane's Goat Milk Soap. When drying off, gently pat your skin dry. Use a new razor after your airbrush tan to minimize fading.

We recommend that you apply a moisturizer to your skin twice daily to keep it hydrated and to prolong your tan. 

To maintain and prolong your tan AVOID

Exfoliating scrubs and cleansers 

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA), Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHA) 

Anti-aging products

Citric, tartaric and salicylic acids

Retin-A or products containing Retin-A

Body hair bleach, depilatory or wax hair removers

Any soaps or lotions containing alcohol or sulfates

Facial masks

Perfume or body sprays on any tanned areas

Makeup removers

Acne products

Toners with alcohol or witch hazel

Loofahs, scrubs, wash mitts

We look forward to seeing you at Bella!