Infinity Sun

These enhancers are the most well-known and widely approved in the market. They leave you with a golden brown glow, while imparting the best in beauty, skin care and anti-aging properties. The look is natural, deep and healthy. Bella loves these products and so do our clients. 

Glow on the Go  A light aerosol that delivers an all-natural glow.  40

Hydrating Skin Extender  This serum, loaded with antioxidants, botanicals and DHA (dihydroxyacetone), creates and maintains dewy skin and enhances the glow you get from your session.  40

Exfoliating Skin Renewal  Using a non-abrasive pineapple fruit enzyme, this masque removes dead skin cells and smoothes the skin’s surface. It’s not only helpful in preserving your tan, it renders your skin more refined and youthful.  40

Try Bella Solé’s Infinity Sun Starter package, which includes one each of the Glow on the Go, Hydrating Skin Extender and Exfoliating Skin Renewal. A $120 value and 18% savings.  99

Farmer Jane Goat Milk Soap

Bella is jazzed to be a purveyor and supporter of this locally-owned company and their handmade goat milk soap. Made just down the road in Fairview, NC, these completely all natural soaps contain 7% goat milk, which not only provides extra moisturizing and skin nourishing vitamins and minerals - but has the same pH as your own skin. They use skin-healthy, natural plant-based oils and because the bars are handmade, they contain moisturizing glycerin, a natural byproduct of the soap making process. These are not just a local "craft" product, they are healthy, all-natural and extremely luxurious. We recommend using Farmer Jane when you tan with us to care for your skin and protect your tan.

Infinity Sun Bella Sole


At the age of 30, Sonya Driver's sister was diagnosed with melanoma, sending her searching for sunless tanning products that contained safe ingredients. When she found only products with an alarming array of chemicals, she created EcoTan. Straight from Australia and certified organic, EcoTan's line of self-tanners, bronzers and skincare promises “no hidden nasties” that can be absorbed into your bloodstream. These products are some of our top sellers, because they work, they create beautiful tans and they are safe. 

Sun Bum 

Part of caring for your skin is of course, a sunless tan, but don’t forget the sunscreen - always step one! We love Sun Bum, because it allows you to be active outdoors while shielding you from what’s harmful about the sun. 

Sun Bum Bella Sole


Not only are these rubber sandals perfect to wear after your sunless tanning session, you’ll find these becoming your go-to flip flops for everywhere else. Put them on around Easter and force yourself to take them off at Halloween.
Havaianas producer, Alpargatas S.A., is a global brand out of Brazil that creates and produces amazing footwear. These sandals are feather light, soft and they last. 

Havaianas Bella Sole

Emi Jay 

Headbands, hair ties, bows, barrettes and pins by Emi Jay are big sellers and we’ve got them at Bella. They are fun and make fantastic little gifts.