Tan skin is a sign of health, vibrance, and an abundant life, and at Bella Solé we’ve embraced this point of view completely. The clients we serve want to be active, healthy, engaged and forward-thinking and do it with gorgeous, glowing skin.

Bella Solé is Asheville’s premier airbrush tanning studio, which means we give you that healthy glow without exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays that cause skin damage, pre-mature aging and even cancer. Our commitment to health fuels everything we do, including choosing and constantly reviewing the products we use and sell at our studio. 

For sunless tanning, we use only Infinity Sun's organic tanning solution which contains anti-oxidants and pure botanicals to deliver glowing bronzed skin. This solution contains all natural ingredients, no propellants or alcohol, and is paraben-free and cruelty-free. The result is a healthy, radiant tan that lasts and is attained without stepping into the sun.

bella sole tanning .jpg

Our clients, above, visited Bella Solé for their custom air brushed tan with Infinity Sun's Organic Solution. The following day, the results were dramatic, but natural. Regardless of age or skin type, each woman had a healthy, glowing tan.