Leah Hamsho ...
is the owner, operator and heart of Bella Solé and the reason it could easily be called Bella Soul-ay. She's a forward-thinking and fully-engaged wife and mom, constantly trying to uncover what work-life balance actually looks like in real life. 

Leah isn’t just focused on providing exemplary customer service and a perfect experience at the studio. She mines hundreds of sources to reveal the healthy components and combinations that support looking your best inside and out. Whether it's curating the products used at Bella or the ingredients in the food she feeds her family, she’s drawn to gathering and sharing information that will work for others, especially busy women.

One of her favorite phrases is "if we know better, we can do better.” Life balance for Leah means physical activity (running 5Ks, 10Ks and half-marathons, for good causes), enjoying adventures outdoors with her husband and falling more in love with her exuberant, albeit toddling, son.

Finally, Leah is the soul of Bella Solé because of the strength she gets from her faith. It's not lip-service for her. Her kindness and commitment to what she cares most about casts a bright light. Once you meet her, you'll see it.

Rave Reviews

'Leah tanned my mom, my bridesmaids and me for my wedding and she was SO great! A couple of my girls had never had a spray tan before and were a little nervous but Leah made us feel comfortable!! The result was natural and pretty...and looked great in photos. She gave us tips on how to make our tans last and the experience was relaxing and fun!'

-Kaoma Bechaz Massa

'As a business owner of Blush Asheville, A Makeup Artistry Company in Asheville, NC, I am constantly asked by my clients where to go for a fantastic spray tan. Hands down, I ALWAYS recommend Bella Solé Studio. I am also IN LOVE with getting a spray tan and go every chance I get! I highly recommend Bella Solé. They will make your skin color absolutely perfect!'

-Wendy Ballance, Owner- Blush Asheville  

'I try to take the best care of my skin. That means no more hours of baking in the sun each week, but I missed my golden tan. After seeing numerous spray tans gone wrong, I accepted the fact that I would be pasty for 8 months out of the year. After some convincing, I tried Bella Solé because of the natural ingredients used and beautiful results I had seen on other customers. I am SOOOO happy every time I leave! I am up in front of hundreds of people every day with my job and get so many compliments. There is something about a tan that just makes you feel better and I am so thankful for the amazing service I get with every visit.'

-Jesse Reddinger, Coach- Hard Exercise Works